Using the sermon slot creatively - Derby Diocese Reader Continuing Ministerial Education Programme - May 2011
Induction with volunteers at ASSIST Sheffield - May 2011

Events I Facilitate:

• Facilitation of away days, vision days and learning events eg team building, leadership, communication (including Open Space events, where the participants create the agenda as they go!)
• Training for those who will help others learn - for adult educators, trainers, group facilitators and mission consultants
• A contribution to validated HE programmes, including supervision of dissertations, up to level M. (Topics such as applied adult learning theory, learning and communication in housing estate cultures, contextual theologies and theological reflection)

If you don't see quite what you're looking for here, it's still worth getting in touch. I will listen and work with you to create something that is just right for you!

Events I facilitate are highly participative, and use varied and creative approaches that encourage the engagement of all. A comment at a workshop from a participant sums it up: "I don't do training, but this was alright!"

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Recent work has included:

• Creating an interactive game for an induction programme with volunteers who support refused asylum seekers.
• Contributing to Anglican (Diocesan) reader training – "Using the sermon slot creatively" and "Doing theology in and from my context"
• Evaluating consultancy with community projects
• Facilitating open space conferences for teams establishing innovative Christian communities
• Providing induction and ongoing coaching with those responsible for apprenticing new community based workers, as they work towards a Foundation degree

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